1 cup small town, pinch of black sheep

3 ⅓ cups lifelong obsessions: vintage military gear, industrial everything, ruffles, lace, ribbon, tool/tackle/jewelry boxes, china patterns/dolls, anything old, beautiful and weird

4 ⅓ cups unable to pass a flea market, junk shop or hardware store without stopping 

1 cup room-temperature useless fashion design degree from UT

3 cups fabricating in-store displays for Liverpool department store in Mexico

½ cup fashion special-events mgr in Houston 

5 cups promotiom manager and/or director at Allure, Elle, Mirabella, Marie Claire and Lucky in NYC

Fold in, my best work to date, a Hohlt and an Elsa, the funniest, kindest and most original people I know

3 ½ tbs unsweetened 1/3 owner of P&K grocery/design/events  

2 ¼ cups freelance design years combined with equal parts amazing clients mixed

8 1/4 cups  lucky beyond belief to have open/like minded, creatively inspiring, loving and extraordinarily tolerant friends


1 ripe epiphany


1 large leap of faith

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