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Our basics are SO not basic. Whether you are looking for something extravagant, festive or soothing, Basket Case Design’s original product mix has you covered.  We are constantly on the search for new & vintage vessels and adding to our expansive inventory of luxe eccentricities. Our meticulously sourced products and clever packaging make Basket Case Design (and you) stand out from the crowd. Each order is individualized, based on the recipient’s predilections – be it for antique bird calls and bourbon, or martini glasses and macaroons, playing cards and pickles,  We’ll help you define the perfect theme and ideal palette, craft an unforgettable gift note, manage your recipient list, and provide real-time tracking information. 



Customization is our JAM and what we’re known for.  At Basket Case Design, we believe that the MAGIC is in the details.  Over the years, we have learned that nothing is more impactful than personalization – gift assemblages that reflect genuine friendship and familiarity. In response, we have developed an unusual yet effective “intake process”.  Some might call it interrogation, but we call it digging for gold. Did we mention that we love a challenge?  The weirder or more niche the better.  Same is lame.


Uh oh. Studies show that recipients of corporate gifts commonly have negative feelings associated with the delivery. The number one reason? They perceive that little or no thought went into it. In other words, personalization counts A LOT. Our unique corporate gift cases personalize marketing efforts and elevate brand recognition in the process. Whatever the occasion or initiative – be it a marketing campaign, client on-boarding, client retention, or investor and employee appreciation - the unique corporate gift, delivered at the right time in the right way, can make all the difference.

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